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Team Scorpion X-LUCA Optical Gaming Mouse

Harga Promo :

Rp. 155.000,- / unit

* Intergrated 4 Level Full Auto Key Setting
* Customize DPI swith 600 1200 1800 2400
* True 2400 DPI Pro gaming SENSOR
* Ergonomic Hybrid Shape
* Ultra Quiet And Low Friction

Team Scorpion “X – LUCA” Gamer Mouse
Apprentice Weapon was born.

The X luca game mouse perfectky fits your hand and thumb. Provides the most comfortable feeling even in the most chaostic gaming situations.

Precise Tracking Techonology
X LUCA provides 100 times more sensitivity to surface detail than an optical device. and the Scorpion control processor provides 3.2 mega pixel per second by 3200 frame rate.

Excellent material
A new sensitivity Rubber Grip has applied on both sides of X LUCA. provide excellent anti slip and anti sweat capability. Moreover the new Rubber Grip Could Ensures you move ment translate to action with no fault and no fatigue due battle. The surface if the upper body coated with strong UV paint for resisting scratch and maintain the elasticity of the fire command button.

Tracking speed adjustment
While you are playing games, you can swith the resolution of X Luca, 600 1200 1800 2400 DPI with the top DPI hot keys(no driver needed) . Just press the DPI on the X LUCA and yuou can get the highest speed with the rapidsss, and smoothest motion in you virtual world shooting, fighting, flying and racing, When you work with your everyday duty , you can adjust the resouluton to 800 to deal with you general paper work.

Multimedia keys
provides prev-next let you easily control music and web, the ergonomics shape is very comfortable and easy to access.

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  1. Ayung Sportindo
    Mei 30, 2011 pukul 12:12 pm

    Manteb blognya..SEmoga laris Bang dagangannya..
    Butuh order jaket via online? Ingat Jago Bikin Jaket-kaos-Seragam Online..

    • Suga Ray
      Mei 30, 2011 pukul 4:00 pm

      Thanks Mas Asrul Tsani, semoga dagangannya juga tambah laris….sukses selalu…

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